Sample Policy


Samples, unsurprisingly, are always welcome. Should you be interested in sending something, please contact me over the contact form.

Wines and Spirits

If you send me bottles I will certainly taste them following the guidelines I have set out above. If I find your wine or spirit particularly compelling, chances are very good that I will write about it at some time in the future either on this blog or elsewhere – but there is no guarantee of that. Should I find your wine or spirit uninspiring, however, there is very little chance I will write something bad about it, despite the name of this blog. I will also be more than happy to send the results of my tasting to you, in the form of detailed notes, should you so desire.

Books and other Publications

I have a huge library of wine books and I love to read new ones. But be warned! I am far more likely to write a negative review of a book that I actively dislike than I am for a wine. And I am likely to sing the praises of a good book for years to come.