Sparkling Wine Corks

Prosecco Superiore DOCG: Quality Matters

Sometimes Prosecco gets a bad rap. In fact, it is a victim of its own success, to a great extent. It is a sign of the commercial and brand success of this big little sparkling wine from the north of Italy that, to many consumers, the word “Prosecco” has become shorthand for “sparkling wine” – […]

How Many Calories are in Wine?

So, do you really want to know how many calories are in that wine you are drinking? If you do, I hope you have access to two important pieces of information: the alcohol by volume and the total residual sugar. The ABV must be, by law, printed on the bottle – but there is also […]

Six bottles of German Riesling vintage 2018 for the summer

Six Summer Rieslings

Summer is here! Hot weather means cool drinks, with low (or no) alcohol. Drinks that are fresh, fun and zippy. That means: Riesling. Or it should. Riesling is a stylistic “Jack-of-all-trades”, responsible for wines ranging from bone dry to lusciously sweet, both sparkling and still. But what Riesling – and certainly German Riesling – almost […]

Germany Vintage 2018 – with a focus on Riesling

The VDP had its annual Weinbörse at the prosaically-named Rheingoldhalle in Mainz a few weeks ago. Two days presenting the 2018 vintage (plus selected other wines from previous vintages) to a trade public. The event is always enjoyable, well-organised and a good opportunity to taste a broad cross-section of wines from Germany from many top […]

Anteprima Amarone 2015

Talk about high expectations. After the very difficult 2014 vintage in Europe, 2015 has been universally acclaimed on the continent as being one of the best vintages of the century. Possibly one of the best vintages ever. Wonderfully healthy fruit on the vines – and plenty of it. Great weather with oft-ideal ripening conditions.  In […]