Tasting room at the Zunfthaus zur Saffran in Zurich

Utiel-Requena: Bobal Steps Out of Bulk Wine’s Shadow

Utiel-Requena: Bobal Steps out of the Shadow of Bulk Wine The scene: southeast Spain, near to the Mediterranean A scant 70 kilometres (as the crow flies) from the heaving beaches and ancient attractions of València lies the comparatively quiet hinterland home of Utiel-Requena, one of Spain’s Denominación de Origen (DO) wine areas. You may not…Continue reading Utiel-Requena: Bobal Steps Out of Bulk Wine’s Shadow


Carignan, the blight of the south…or not? Come closer, friend…I would like to talk with you about a vilified grape known as Carignan. Or Cariñena. Carignane. Carignano. Or Samsó…well, sometimes. Sometimes Samsó is actually Cinsault (a grape probably best-known in Provence, particularly in rosés). Apparently, according to the seminal reference Wine Grapes (Harding, Robinson and…Continue reading Carignan