Germany Vintage 2018 – with a focus on Riesling

The VDP had its annual Weinbörse at the prosaically-named Rheingoldhalle in Mainz a few weeks ago. Two days presenting the 2018 vintage (plus selected other wines from previous vintages) to a trade public. The event is always enjoyable, well-organised and a good opportunity to taste a broad cross-section of wines from Germany from many top…Continue reading Germany Vintage 2018 – with a focus on Riesling

North Entrance to ProWein un Düsseldorf, Germany

Making a Discovery at a Wine Fair – It isn’t as Difficult as you Think

Boy, do I get tired of Wine Fair Whinging™. There was a time when I felt that most people enjoyed a good wine fair. After all, what wine lover wouldn’t enjoy being in the exuberant company of like-minded individuals at an event where dozens – or even hundreds – of winemakers are pouring their wares…Continue reading Making a Discovery at a Wine Fair – It isn’t as Difficult as you Think

Montecucco Sangiovese Comes of Age

Montecucco Historical Tasting In 1998, a small appellation for Sangiovese-based wines was carved from the Maremma. Forged on the slopes of Mount Amiata, the extinct volcano that is also the hallmark and birthright of Montalcino, Montecucco DOC celebrates 20 years of appellation status this year. The elevation of Montecucco Sangiovese to DOCG, now the calling card of Montecucco, was granted…Continue reading Montecucco Sangiovese Comes of Age

Pitigliano in Tuscany

Maremma, Che Vini!

Maremma, Tuscany’s Underestimated Corner Driving south from Siena, I enjoyed experiencing the landscape and climate of Tuscany undergo nuanced changes. The vegetation became more spaced, the fields wider. The hills became more rolling. It was palpably warmer. Below the vines, the grains and the cypress trees the soils, which I obviously was not able to…Continue reading Maremma, Che Vini!

Tasting room at the Zunfthaus zur Saffran in Zurich

Utiel-Requena: Bobal Steps Out of Bulk Wine’s Shadow

Utiel-Requena: Bobal Steps out of the Shadow of Bulk Wine The scene: southeast Spain, near to the Mediterranean A scant 70 kilometres (as the crow flies) from the heaving beaches and ancient attractions of València lies the comparatively quiet hinterland home of Utiel-Requena, one of Spain’s Denominación de Origen (DO) wine areas. You may not…Continue reading Utiel-Requena: Bobal Steps Out of Bulk Wine’s Shadow

Monte Amiata

Montecucco: Sangiovese’s best-kept secret

What is Montecucco? We are in the warm south of Tuscany. Here, sandwiched between two well-known denominations specialising in Sangiovese, you will discover a third – much newer and very much less well-known – that benefits from similar advantages to its well-heeled neighbours, and which is producing some very characteristic, Sangiovese-based wines of high quality.…Continue reading Montecucco: Sangiovese’s best-kept secret

Six tasting glasses with Amarone 2014 vintage at the Anteprima amarone

Anteprima Amarone 50° – the 2014 Vintage

Anteprima Amarone 50° – Presentation of the 2014 Vintage It was a tough year, 2014, and not only in Valpolicella. Nearly every wine region in Europe had difficulties. Simpler wines requiring no long ageing before release have already long since moved on to succeeding vintages, including the universally-acclaimed 2015, the challenging but interesting 2016 –…Continue reading Anteprima Amarone 50° – the 2014 Vintage