Wine Myths #2: Smelling the Cork

Wine Myths, Misconceptions and Misinformation #2: Smelling the Cork Have you been out with friends at a restaurant or a wine bar, ordered a wine and the server – or even the sommelier – has pulled the cork and then paused briefly to take a whiff of its corky majesty before pouring the wine? Did […]

The Wine Saver – Does It Work?

Wine Saver – Round One: Competing with the Screwcap Of the diverse methods available intended to preserve an unfinished bottle of wine after opening, the vacuum pump is probably the most popular, is certainly one of the most practical and is also one of the cheaper alternatives. But does it work? Well I can give […]

Wine Myths #1: Decanting

Myths, Misconceptions and Misinformation #1: Decanters and Wine Aerators Almost everybody who drinks wine ends up with a decanter or two in their cupboard. Increasingly, it is also fashionable (certainly the manufacturers would have you think so) to have a “wine aerator” in your arsenal of wine paraphernalia. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the point of […]


Carignan, the blight of the south…or not? Come closer, friend…I would like to talk with you about a vilified grape known as Carignan. Or Cariñena. Carignane. Carignano. Or Samsó…well, sometimes. Sometimes Samsó is actually Cinsault (a grape probably best-known in Provence, particularly in rosés). Apparently, according to the seminal reference Wine Grapes (Harding, Robinson and […]